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Concert Joni Harms et Hillbilly Rockers @ COWBOY BARN
Photos du concert de Joni Harms accompagnée par Hillbilly Rockers le 2 août 2013 au Cowboy Barn.
1280 x 853 | 418.5 Ko

1.Posté par David Markham. le 04/12/2016 15:06
I'm a Country Music Promoter from,Crosby,Liverpool,England,UK
The Rockers are the best ice heard in a long,long time and the fact my friend is part of them Joni Harms ,I'd like to see them come over to,Liverpool.City.
Where The Beatles where Born.
And I'd like to give you Radio Country Music Free Air Play!!
If your willing to get back to me I'll send the details.

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