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Concert de Doug Adkins du 22 juin 2013
1280 x 853 | 328.24 Ko

1.Posté par David Markham. le 07/12/2016 21:37
Dear Astrid.
I'm a Country Music Promoter from,Liverpool England,your manager whose a dance teacher is my new friend,
I want to know a little about you,your from Genva and lead Vocals with your band .
Talk to your manager about me,
Id like to know about you,and your voice how long have you been with Hillbillies Band,
I had a friend who sang on stage from Oregon ,USA
I won't mention her name yet ,
Get in touch with your dancing teacher ,
David Markham.
Country Music,
Promoter UK.

2.Posté par David Markham. le 07/12/2016 21:40
I love them all,in singing traditional country and western music,
I won't say any more ,I know One singer but I can't mention her name.
David Markham.
Country Music.
Promoter UK

3.Posté par david Markham. le 06/09/2019 05:15
Well I became friends with you when my then friend Joni Harms was with you.
I was in touch with you over a year but know such luck for you to say yes David we'd love U.K. country air play?
Well I'm asking the same question would you like Air Play ?
Thank you all David Markham.

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